We're passionate professionals dedicated to creating beautiful landscapes.

Landscape Design

Our team, with over 30 years of experience, has built a diverse portfolio, ranging from formal gardens to exotic tropical landscapes. We are committed to meeting our clients' expectations and understanding their unique landscape needs. As part of this commitment, we select only the finest locally grown materials, hand-picking them once the design is in place. We also design on the fly, using a plant matrix shared with the client to incorporate textures, shapes, sizes, and colors. This process, while challenging, is also incredibly enjoyable, as we paint each section of the property with the client's vision.

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Our irrigation techs are certified with Hunter Hydrawise Smart system installation and design along with remote Management. We strive to construct buildings and design the best system to meet the client's needs and, most importantly, the investment into their plant material. Our techs are not just installers. They understand. Horticultural and the needs of plant material. Having our tech understand these needs greatly beneficial. It not only helps solve the issues in the field, not just making a repair or the adjustment but also understanding what the material needs. At Medellin Landscaping and Gardening, we take a collaborative approach with our suppliers to meet the needs for wastewater management. This ensures that we are always equipped with the best solutions for problem areas or design needs, and we strive to educate our clients on these solutions, providing them with the reassurance of our quality services. 

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Our techs are certified in state-of-the-art lighting system design and installation. FX Luminaire is our preference for meeting our clients' needs with such an innovative, intelligent system to meet any challenges. Our design team would instead bring subtle washing and uplighting to bring a relatively soft enhancement rather than looking like we are trying to land a plane.

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Medellin Landscaping and gardening is a family-owned company with over 30 years of experience. What once started as a station wagon with a wheelbarrow with Richard Medellin grew into a full service to meet all clients' needs. In all areas, we are the best. Ricardo Medellin, the son of Richard Medellin, followed in his footsteps, building the company that it is today. Natalie, his daughter, designs, installs, and maintains, along with her team, all the floral and tropicals for all the clients. There's not much that Natalie doesn't know about her. She has many years of experience and an deep understanding of plant care.

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Our team is experienced in drainage design and wastewater management. When designing a drainage system, we quantify all surface areas and roof lines to protect your investment in hardscape and plant materials. We are very diverse in all areas of wastewater management.It is crucial to build a cistern and allow stormwater to collect and soak into the ground. Equally important is ensuring that every property maintains a positive grade away from any structure, a key aspect of effective wastewater management. 

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At Medellin, our dedicated staff take pride in their work and are fully committed to their roles. It is essential for all our teams to possess an in-depth understanding of plant names and care, as this knowledge equips them to tackle daily challenges in the field.